(New) Adult Dating

Global Dating admin has created a new dating site, where members can share sexy photos and videos, have naughty conversations and interact with other members.

Why have we created a new cheeky page?

Every day, members and new members upload nude photos, showing body parts. Global Dating is a dating site for people looking for true love, new friends or just talking together. The site also contains members under the age of 17, so therefore admin can NOT approve such photos and publish on Globaldating.no.

To be able to offer Global Dating and Adult Dating members a social offer, where you can be very private with other members from 17 - 99 years. Then you can easily register and the admin will approve everything that is uploaded. Whether you are naked, have naughty outfits and videos you have filmed yourself or others have filmed you. Everything you share on this account is your responsibility and you can delete some or all of the content you share at any time, you can also delete the account whenever you want. When you delete, all photos, videos and messages you have received or sent on our server are deleted. And you can rest assured that nothing is saved after you delete it.

What content is not allowed to share on the page?

We do not allow videos or pictures that contain children, under the age of 17 who have sex with children or with adults. We take uploading of such content very seriously and it is prohitebited not only on site, but altso in many countrys. If admin find sutch content, you will then get your IP and e-mail address blocked and all content will be deleted !!. We also do not allow animal pornography or other content, which is considered reprehensible to share on adultdating.no.

If you are looking for a dating site, where you can live out your naughty fantasies and at the same time socialize with others and see other people's photos and videos. Then globaldating.no/adult is something for you, the site is ONLY for people from all over the world from 17 years and up. 

To register, click this link (If you are under 17 years old, don't click):

Warning!! : Sexual Content on front page..

Im 17 or older, lets go for adult dating!.